A Dream Maker began out of the household of a stay at home mother of three, Alisa Sherman, with a passion to end Human Trafficking. In 2007, she helped pioneer an organization focused on abolishing modern day slavery called The Freedom Project.  She continued fighting for the most vulnerable in society, but quickly began to realize that she would not settle until they were receiving sustainable guidance. That is when A Dream Maker began. Combining her love for design and heart to build healthy families, she set out to connect people from different corners of the world with a common interest in restoring lives of those who have been exploited. Some have been sold by their own parents, some kidnapped, but most tricked into the criminal industry that buys and sells human beings. With having worked in the region of Eastern Europe almost her entire life, Alisa established long term partnerships with organizations that provide holistic care to women that are coming out of the sex industry. By offering services such as counseling, legal aid, home economic and vocational training, these women are given a chance they may have never had before. The idea of a coalition formed when many people began to ask her how they too could get involved. Many felt that they didn't have any practical skills to contribute or were already running a household and raising children. A belief began to expand reinvigorating the notion that although it was impossible for any one person to start a major organization alone, together, real change could be possible.