We live in a world where little prince and princess still exist;

they live in rubble, ashes and shadows with many a clenched fist.

They don’t know that they’re royalty,

and they are unsure of their destinies.

They go unnoticed by so many

they are touched, abused and violated by too many!

They work in our factories,

have bloody hands and knees;

they are seen in secret hubs

and bought for a price in the clubs.

They give birth to babies with healthy livers, hearts and other body parts

only to be killed, purchased and put into a cart.

They are found across the ocean in caves—

they are living amongst us as slaves!

We need to make a noise

because they have no voice.

Please ask if you can

What do you have in your hand? 

We can all do something little—

I use some thread and a needle;

I am a home maker,

I am a dream maker!

I can do something,

which is better than nothing.